Useful information

Dates & place

From Saturday 12
to Saturday August 19, 2023

Church of La Chiésaz,
Chemin de l’église
1806 Saint-Légier
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All concerts at 8 p.m.
except Sunday at 5:30 p.m.

Ticket office open 30 mins
before the concert,
at the entrance of the church.


It guarantees a seat.

The seats are not numbered, it is advisable to come in advance.

Single price

Cash only

CHF 25.-/person
Free up to 16 years old

CHF 60.-/person
Individual pass
for 3 concerts

Except for Sunday, August 13, 2023
Collection at the exit

Season ticket

Cash only

Individual subscription card:
3 concerts of your choice /CHF 60.00

The concert on Sunday, August 13 is free with collection at the exit. As a result, the pass should not be used.

Parking & Accessibility
Free parking, next to the Church.

The church is wheelchair accessible.

Church of La Chiesaz

Chemin de l’église
1806 Saint-Légier